Bluegrass Cotton is a small apparel company with a simple common thought: Kentucky simply rocks! We are proud of where we live and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. And with that notion we wanted to produce a brand that is authentic, casual, and most importantly homegrown. We all have little things that lend a sense of home and place. For us, it’s creating a favorite t-shirt.

At Bluegrass Cotton, we try to focus on creative designs and printing them on the most comfortable fabrics. As certified Apparel Specialists, our customers can come to expect the highest quality products and customer service from us. Bluegrass Cotton may be a newer label that only started a couple years ago, but it’s heart has been around much longer—belonging to a parent company that was founded back in 2008, Homegrown Brands. We try to stay true to that good ol’ fashion mom & pop shop mentality by having minimal layers of management with no bureaucracy. We are proud to be the little guys who think big! This not only allows us to work better and quicker, but also gives us the time to pay attention to the details.

People always say that if you do what you love, you’ll be successful. There’s no doubt that we’re doing what we love and loving what we do: creating great items, working hard and having fun doing it!! Thank you for taking time to share in our passion and we hope that you enjoy our brand.